They call me Reputation Hacker but...

I am Professor adj. in Corporate Reputation & Business Storytelling, in CyberSecurity and in Data Driven Strategies, I founded The Fool, the leading Italian company of Customer Insight to increase Value and Reputation, and co-founded the Legal-Tech company LT42 for Legal Data-Automation, and I'm Partner of 42 Law Firm where Lawyers lead Digital Transformation..
I am Chairman of PermessoNegato APS, the no-profit NGO that provides technological support to victims of Non-Consensual Pornography (Revenge Porn) and co-founder of Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights.
I've been Future Leader IVLP of the US State Department under the Obama Administration in "Combating Cybercrime" program, I am editorialist, Keynote Panelist, PodCaster for Forbes, and I host a daily show, named Ciao, Internet! wher I discuss about Algorithms and Rules that govern Machines and Humans.

I still don't how to play the piano, I'm buddhist by vocation, reducetarian by ethics and Nerd.

The Companies I Founded

We help Companies and VIPs to protect and increase
their value with Data-Driven Reputation Strategies.


The Fool

Customer Insights for
Value Strategy and Reputation.

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The Magician

An Atelier for Advocacy
in crisis and polarization.

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42 Law Firm srl

The Law Firm for
Digital Transformation.

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LT42 srl

The Italian LegalTech for

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Teaching and Tenures

Teaching Students, Professionals and Companies to take best decisionsusing Data.


I teach the Reputation and Customer Insights, the techniques of Persuasive Communication that have won trust and respect to many high-connected individuals and politicians , and which mistakes to avoid that even big Brands constantly do in creating and managing their Reputation. I show how to use Data efficiently, also telling Limits and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

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Iamge Description

Ciao, Internet! (in italian) :(

Every day I talk about how the Internet changes us with
Algorithms and Rules that govern Machines and Humans!

Iamge Description

No Revenge Porn

With PermessoNegato We support Non-Consensual Pornography victims with Technology.

PermessoNegato APS is a no-profit ONG that deals with technological support for victims of Non-Consensual Pornography and online violence and hate attacks. We develop and apply technologies, strategies and policies for the non-proliferation of Non Consensual Pornography (also known as NCII and "Revenge Porn") and other forms of online violence and hatred, through identification, reporting and removal of content from major online platforms.

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c/o The Fool srl, Via Vitruvio 1, 20123, Milano


Thank you, but no thank you.


mf (at) matteoflora (dot) com